DIY Projects

Landscape Lighting Tips part 1

Date March 22, 2013

When using landscape lighting it is important to think of safety first, then beauty.  The landscape by day is easy to navigate and capture everything that each view has to offer.  At night the same garden becomes more of a mystery as light and shadow reveal some parts and hide others.  In addition to the […]

Garden Paths – Designs that make your Garden Look More Attractive

Date April 25, 2012

Creating a beautiful garden needs great effort and after proper design. I enjoy garden that begs to be explored. The garden path in a garden allows visitors to explore the garden in a very easy and interesting way. These paths can be inviting and will lead the visitor throughout the garden, allowing them to see […]

Japanese Gardens – Stonework & tenba

Date April 23, 2012

The use of stones and rocks in Japanese gardens or Zen gardens is an essential element in their design and success; in fact they are the backbone of most Japanese gardens. Quality stonework is essential and achieved through an understanding of how to aesthetically set stones. One by one they are set where the end […]

Japanese Gardens – Stone Walk

Date April 7, 2012

A nobedan walk is a type of pathway, or stone walk, found in Japanese gardens. These pathways utilize unique stone pavement layout and design principles. Nobedan are often found in tea and entry gardens. It is an art of arranging various sized stones in a design that is artistic and functional. They help to create […]