Fountains & Water Features

Water Feature for your Home Garden

Date April 18, 2012

When you think of water, what are the initial words you use to illustrate it? Most of us would say peaceful or relaxing. The gentle sounds of flowing water and its soothing sight is such a pleasure to everyone. Adding one or more fountains to your garden, whether outdoor or indoor, gives a more relaxing […]

Japanese Garden Deer Scarer – or Shishi Odishi

Date March 24, 2012

Shishi Odishi have become a popular artifact in western Japanese gardens. If you are interested in having one in your garden you should choose it for its aesthetic and sound. Keep in mind that this feature alone will not make your garden more Japanese. Shishi Odishi is an additional garden fountain which is very popular […]

Japanese Garden Water Feature, Tsukubai or water basin

Date March 6, 2012

The “tsukubai”, or water basin, is a common water feature found in Japanese gardens. Before entering a tea room guests were expected to be pure of mind and body. Thus the tea garden provided a serene environment to relax the spirit and within it the garden a water basin for cleansing the body. The water […]

Water Features – Millstone Garden Fountain

Date October 29, 2011

Granite water features like this polished black millstone fountain bring beauty and personality to any garden.  People are attracted to water, just the soothing sound alone releases energy into the air.  There are a number of sculptural choices to set on the top of these types of water features.  There is a plastic prefabricated basin […]

Parade Of Homes Landscape Design – Landscape Company Minnesota

Date April 27, 2007

The millstone entry fountain commands attention from approaching guests visiting this beautifully landscaped home in Greenwood, Minnesota. As one of the properties on display in the 2000 parade, of homes we have received many compliments for this landscape design and construction work […]

Water Fountain & Garden Decor – Mound Minnesota Landscape Company

Date April 27, 2007

Here our clients were expanding their living space by converting their existing garage into a new entry and constructing new a garage addition. It was Niwa’s responsibility to design and build a new entry walk that would have a water feature of some sort and deal with ice build-up in the winter. We were also in charge of the new driveway layout, which needed to accommodate a basket area […]

Koi Pond – Edina Minnesota Landscape Company

Date April 27, 2007

The Koi pond water feature is the highlight of the “Inherent Garden”, a complete landscape revitalization project in Edina, Minnesota. We completed phase I of our landscape work in November of 2001. The new plan embraced the layout of the horseshoe driveway which had a large perennial flower bed […]