Dry Garden

Japanese Gardens, Dry Pond Garden

Date March 19, 2012

Karesansui, or Japanese dry garden, literally means dry mountains and water. Whether you are looking to design and build a Zen style garden, dry pond or dry stream the common element is the use of rocks and gravel to simulate water. Maybe you are interested in a large open courtyard garden with raked sea gravel […]

Dry Garden… A Rain Water Garden – Minnesota Landscape Company

Date March 18, 2008

Our local governments love it when we think “Green” and incorporating a Rain Water Garden into a project is doing just that. Traditional Rain Water Gardens can look great if planed and maintained properly. These gardens are typically planted with flowering plants that can withstand a lot of water. Since we specialize in Japanese Gardens […]

Parade Of Homes Landscape Design – Landscape Company Minnesota

Date April 27, 2007

The millstone entry fountain commands attention from approaching guests visiting this beautifully landscaped home in Greenwood, Minnesota. As one of the properties on display in the 2000 parade, of homes we have received many compliments for this landscape design and construction work […]