Entry Monuments

Japanese Garden Entrance

Date October 29, 2011

This garden entrance is flanked with a pair of beautifully carved limetsone shigu.  Shigu is actually a Chinese word used to describe the type of sculpture shown in the picture.  Although the bases are actually unfinished the detailed carving of the dragons, foo dog heads and the phoenix or mythical fire birds.  These decorative stone […]

Building A Garden Arbor Design Plans – St. Paul Landscape Company

Date April 27, 2007

The entry arbor and driveway improvements were the primary focus of this landscape design / build project. The existing drive was too steep leaving guests exiting from their vehicles while parked at an uncomfortable angle. The grade also dropped off quickly from the front of the house, leaving little room for the stoop and entry walk. From the start of our design work, we set out to make major changes that would eliminate these problems, while creating a basketball play area and beautifying the property. To achieve this, a switchback driveway was created.