Circle Driveway Design & Layout

Date March 5, 2012

Many homes have few driveway options because the distance from the home to the street is too short, thus limiting the amount of space available for layouts that require more room. Even then there are a number of design elements to consider, which will be discussed in a future article. This article is about the […]

Landscape Driveway Design – Landscape Company Minnesota

Date April 26, 2007

When hired to prepare a landscape master plan for a residence in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, we started with a new concept for the driveway. During the concept design we explored a number of different options. One of the first elements studied was the layout and geometrics of the driveway. The existing drive approached the house head-on creating a long fairly straight and uninteresting drive terminating with the garage doors at its end. To improve the views and create curiosity for this approach we removed a section of the existing drive and created a large planting berm. This new berm screened the view of the house and more importantly the garage. We then introduced a gentle curve with a turn-around establishing a new angle of approach and a much improved view to the house. The garage was no longer the primary focal point.