Design Ideas

Landscape Lighting Tips part 1

Date March 22, 2013

When using landscape lighting it is important to think of safety first, then beauty.  The landscape by day is easy to navigate and capture everything that each view has to offer.  At night the same garden becomes more of a mystery as light and shadow reveal some parts and hide others.  In addition to the […]

Japanese Garden Plan – Courtyard Gardens

Date April 27, 2012

This plan shows one of our company projects where we designed and constructed a Japanese courtyard garden in a home that had an existing interior garden. The design of the home was inspired by sukiya style architecture, which beautifully complimented our Japanese garden project. One challenge of this project was that it was in a […]

Circle Driveway Design & Layout

Date March 5, 2012

Many homes have few driveway options because the distance from the home to the street is too short, thus limiting the amount of space available for layouts that require more room. Even then there are a number of design elements to consider, which will be discussed in a future article. This article is about the […]

Japanese Gardens – Large Stones

Date February 14, 2012

From stepping stones, bridge stones, specimen boulders, nobedan walks, a variety of gravels and hand carved stone features, stones make-up the backbone of any Japanese Garden and should be considered an important investment into your Japanese Garden project. So, when designing and constructing your Garden make sure to account for and invest in stones and […]

Japanese Gardens – Pruning & Maintenance

Date December 23, 2011

If you are interested in Japanese gardens you should know that the most common plant shape found in Japanese gardens is the tamamono, or “dome” shape. It is the easiest and and perhaps the least expensive way to add more Japanese style pruning to your garden. When visiting a Japanese garden you will see this […]

Koi Pond – Edina Minnesota Landscape Company

Date April 27, 2007

The Koi pond water feature is the highlight of the “Inherent Garden”, a complete landscape revitalization project in Edina, Minnesota. We completed phase I of our landscape work in November of 2001. The new plan embraced the layout of the horseshoe driveway which had a large perennial flower bed […]