Plants for Special Conditions

Annual Flowers – Cold Tolerant Annuals

Date March 20, 2012

Flowers that are cold tolerant offer the best return on investment for your annual garden.  Cold tolerant annuals are from the same category as other annual flowers. Cold tolerant annuals are not any special plants that grow only during cold climate. They are annuals that grow in sunny climates too and can withstand cooler temperatures […]

Annual Flowers – Shade Tolerant Annuals

Date March 20, 2012

Most of the annuals we grow like sun. But there are some annuals that also do well in shade. They bloom in half sun as well in the full shade of your garden. To be more precise about annuals, all the annuals bloom for one season from seed to flower and seed and then complete […]

Groundcovers & Stepping Stones

Date February 15, 2012

When specifying plant materials for stepping stone, or tobishi, pathways in Japanese gardens it is important to consider the size of the stone. A larger stone will allow for a taller groundcover, say one that grows about 5-8 inches, while smaller stones require a shorter plant selection of not more than 4 inches tall. Planting […]

Climbing Hydrangea

Date February 10, 2012

The open arbor design we created for this project in Deephaven, Minnesota provided space for climbing hydrangea, which we planted at the base of all but two of the posts. Climbing hydrangea can be planted in zones 4-8 and are a self climbing woody vines that do not need any supports to grow upwards. They […]