Perennials for Spring

Date April 24, 2012

Bleeding Heart Dicentra

Bleeding Heart

What’s not to love about spring? Especially in Minnesota, it is the dearest among all the seasons. In spring season, while plants and flowers start showing their new green growth, the early border of your garden usually consists of colorful bulbs and few early blooming perennials. Spring perennials are a welcome sight after a long Minnesota winter; present the earliest blooms of all garden flowers.

Remove extra mulch:

Before it gets warmer, be sure to remove any mulch that you used to protect your perennials over the winter. You can do this a little at a time and be careful to not disturb any newly emerging growth from your perennials below.

How fast the spring perennials in your garden emerge and start blooming depends on the type of perennial you have planted, the location in which you have planted and the spring weather conditions. InMinnesota, we can expect to watch the last of winter go by during the month of April. Although we sometimes experience warm temperatures early the soil usually starts getting heated by the end of May. We are typically not frost free until most of May has passed

Blooms and Foliage:

Blooms are the most attractive feature of many spring perennials; you may want to consider ones that are known more for their foliage.  Since the flowers will come and go the looks of the foliage are also important criteria when selecting perennials for your garden. If you are looking for a break from planting annuals every year you should consider the use of more perennials in your garden.

Here are some dazzling perennials for your garden:

Columbine: These are unusual with their fancy-lobed blue-green leaves and spurred flowers. They bloom continuously from spring to early summer. Its nectar attracts humming birds to your garden.

Dark Reiter Geranium: Gives your garden a dusky look with its dark purple leaves against lavender blue flowers. It will be an eye catching choice and blooms in part sun.

Coral Bells: Plant Malachite variety from Heuchera for late spring in your partial shade garden. They are deer resistant, cold tolerant and one of the best cut flowers. Its foliage makes your garden famous as its leaf is heavily ruffled and curled. They look amazing in your garden beds, containers and along the borders of your garden.

Dianthus: Arctic fire dianthus seeds and plants are easy to grow. They bloom fancy and fragrant flowers in your spring garden. They are ideal for ground covers and edgings. You can plant them both in spring and summers.

Hellebores: This energetic and Lenten rose flowers bloom in winter and early spring. They start blooming before other perennials awake. Plant a “double fantasy” with a “Kingston cardinal” for getting a fool-proof combination.

More Spring Blooming Perennials

Lady’s Mantle

Shooting Star



Lenten Rose


Virginia Bluebells




Globe Flower

Oriental Poppy

Sweet Woodruff

Woodland Phlox

Cushion Spurge

Jacob’s Ladder

Rock Cress

Solomon’s Seal



Jack in the Pulpit


Creeping Phlox


Wild Ginger

Meadow Rue


Foam Flower





Bleeding Heart

Lilly of the Valley

Spring Bulbs:

Early Spring Blooms: 

Bulbs to consider that start blooming in early spring are Glory of Snow (Chionodox), Crocus, Snow Drops (Galanthus), species Iris, species of Tulips and Daffodils, minatures (Narcissus).

Mid- Season Spring Blooms:

Hyacinths, Tulips, Daffodils and Grape Hyacinths are some bulbs that bloom during mid spring season.

Late Spring Blooms:

Scilla, Dutch Iris and Allium are some late spring blooming bulbs.

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