Monet Flower Garden Design – Landscape Company Minneapolis Minnesota

Date April 26, 2007

The planting of the planter boxes was in accordance with a text written by an American gardener and one of the caretaker’s of the Monet gardens.  The planters consisted of two island flower beds, a petite allee (two planters with a path down the middle and connected by five Monet style garden arches) and two monochromatic beds.


The island beds were planted with pink standard Rose trees, pink Dianthus, pink Tulips and red Tulips.  The petite allee was planted with red climbing Roses, purple Asters, Sunflowers, blue Delphiniums, violet Aubrieta, purple Bearded Iris, red Oriental Poppies, yellow Leopard’s Bane and blue Dutch Iris bulbs.

The blue themed planter of the double monochromatic beds was planted with a standard tree Lilac, white tree Peonies, blue Lupine, Asters, Silver Lamb’s Ears, blue Aubretia, blue Bearded Iris and blue Siberian Squill.  The pink themed planter of the double monochromatic beds was planted with pink old-fashioned shrub Roses, deep pink Cane Rose, Blushing Brides Delphiniums, pink Asters, Silver Lamb’s Ears, pink Aubrieta, rose colored Bearded Iris, pink Hollyhocks, mauve Tulips and pink Tulips.

The planting areas around the Monet garden were designed to compliment the themed garden and planted with Hydrangea, flowering Crabapples, Barberry, other flowering shrubs and evergreens.  The garden was enclosed with a simple black aluminum fence on the two sides requiring visibility and a detailed Cedar fence and arbor structure on the side which demanded screening from a gravel service drive.  The arbor portion of the structure was designed to receive a metal sculpture of a fish purchased by the owners.

Although the Monet garden is one part of a larger project containing many areas that are very Asian in character, the garden works well within the project.  The transitions from one garden room to another are seamless flowing smoothly like a gentle stream.

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